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Jiangsu Hengjun special metal materials Co., Ltd. is located in Zhenglu Town, Tianning District, Changzhou City, one of the birthplaces of the beautiful and rich Yangtze civilization and Wu culture. It is only four kilometers away from the Hengshan bridge crossing of Shanghai Chengdu Expressway and Yanjiang expressway, with very convenient transportation and good production and operation environment. It has two subsidiaries, Changzhou Jiuyue Stainless Steel Co., Ltd. and Jiangsu Hengjun specialty Changzhou branch The two subsidiaries are respectively responsible for manufacturing and R & D tasks.

Jiangsu Hengjun special metal materials Co., Ltd. is relying on Changzhou Zhenglu high-end stainless steel pipe industrial park to carry out sales business. The company has a wide range of stainless steel pipes, including austenitic stainless steel pipes, nickel based alloy pipes, duplex stainless steel pipes, precision stainless steel capillary pipes, precision thin-walled stainless steel pipes, and stainless steel instrument pipes. The company can produce The company produces stainless steel tubes with an outer diameter of 1-76 and a wall thickness of 0.1-20 mm. At present, the company has successively provided precision stainless steel capillary tubes for engines for world automobile manufacturing giants such as Volkswagen, BMW and general motors in Germany, and for GE in the United States, Air Liquide in France, Siemens in Germany, Michelin in in France and Mitsubishi Heavy Industry in Japan The company provides high-quality stainless steel seamless steel tubes, which provide Foxconn, the world"s largest electronic product manufacturer, with precision stainless steel special-shaped tubes for the tail filling interface of Apple mobile phones. The success of the research and development of this product provides conditions for the majority of electronic manufacturers to get rid of similar products and rely on foreign imports to realize localization, thus greatly reducing production costs and raw materials for major electronic manufacturers During the procurement cycle, Jiangsu Hengjun has spent a lot of money and energy on research and development of precision medical stainless steel extremely thin wall tubes since 2018, and achieved success in December of that year. Hengjun medical precision extremely thin wall stainless steel tubes have been equipped with domestic mainstream medical device manufacturers, reducing costs for manufacturers and contributing their own strength to the development of Chinese medical devices.

Since 2018, Jiangsu Hengjun has obtained the right of self import and export. It has directly exported high-quality precision stainless steel pipes to users in Milan, Italy, Seoul, South Korea and Japan, contributing its own strength to the international market of made in China. In the future development process, Jiangsu Hengjun will continue to provide high-quality products, all-round services and new and old customers for new and old customers All households are in the same boat and win-win situation.